Okinawan Kobudo

Okinawan kobudō refers to the weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts, included the rokushakubo (six foot staff, known as the "bō"), sai (dagger-shaped truncheon), tonfa (handled club), kama (sickle), and nunchaku (chained sticks), but also the tekko (knuckledusters), tinbe-rochin (shield and spear), and surujin (weighted chain). Less common Okinawan weapons include the tambo (short stick), the hanbō (middle length staff) and the eku (boat oar of traditional Okinawan design).

Rising Sun Martial Arts offers classes in Okinwan Art of Kobudo (Weaponry) in Kissimmee.

The Kobudo Class (Okinawan weapons) includes training with the Bo (staff), Kama, and Sai.

Students under the age of 13 wishing to join this class must be a student in the Junior Karate Class and hold a minimum rank of Brown Stripe. For safety reasons, all students must be approved before being allowed to join this class and all weapons should be purchased through the dojo. As with the Karate class, Kobudo training consists of Kihon (basic manipulation and techniques), Kata (forms), and weapon against weapon training. Testing is done based on skill level, and is scheduled on a student by student basis.

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