Wing Chun Kung Fu in Kissimmee

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) is a Southern Style of Closed Combat Chinese Kung Fu. It's better known as the parent style of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Authentic Wing Chun classes are now available in Kissimmee at the Rising Sun Dojo. Classes are taught by Sifu Sergio Peralta on Tuesdays and Fridays.

History of Wing Chun

One of the translations of Wing Chun is 'Eternal Springtime' named after Yim Wing Chun as it was passed down from a Buddhist Abbess Nun Ng Mui. Although its origins have always been a mystery, it is said that Wing Chun was designed during the rebellion after the fall of the Ming Dynasty. Secretly built within the walls of the Shaolin Temple, the style of Wing Chun is a culmination of the best Shaolin Kung Fu. It is said that it was designed specifically to defeat other trained Martial Artist on the Battlefield. The Style was passed on in secret for approximately 250 years until it was taught publicly by Great Grand Master Yip Man.

Wing Chun is not a sport, not for tournament fighting or competitions. Ving Tsun is a valuable self-defense, a way of life and method of self-improvement. The word Kung Fu mean, hard work, for a long time of a skilled person.

Please visit Rising Sun Dojo during any of the Wing Chun classes to observe a class and speak with Sifu Sergio.

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